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Saturday, 15 August 2015

My tips on dealing with anxiety ❤

My tips on dealing with anxiety. ❤

Just a couple of month ago, I was diagnosed with social anxiety. I had a lot of anxiety attacks and even panic attacks sometimes, so I decided to take a trip to the doctors, hoping there would be something that they can help me with. My doctor did what they would, prescribed me medicine. Quite frankly, I was very scared to take those medicine, because the side effects were worse than the help.  I decided not to take any medicine, and try and help myself through this anxiety. These are the few things I do when I get an anxiety attack:1. I put on my headphones and listen to acoustic music. I find the indie music works best here.2. I also close of from all the social media, turn off my laptop and my phone, and just isolate myself. I lay down on my bed,and just listen to music3. If you feel like crying, do cry. Crying helps a lot, it makes the burden feel less, and it makes you feel relief.4. Sometimes, it is that your sugar levels are down, which usually causes anxiety, just have a bar of chocolate or an apple to boost some energy, which will make you feel better. 5. Using apps for meditation or apps like Pacifica, can help you keep a dairy, and help you to feel relaxed. 6. If there are negative thoughts in your mind, just find something to keep you occupied.

7. Telling people helps as well. When I am feeling very anxious, I tell someone, like my mum or my best friend. Talking it out always helps me realise how stupid my worry is. 8. I have a mirror, where I have put a lot of happy quotes. When I get anxious, I go over to that mirror and randomly read some quotes. 9. Try meditation. Meditation is one thing that really calms your mind and helps you to feel at peace. 10. Light a scented candle. I don't know what is it about candles, that make me feel calm. Especially if you buy seaside candles, their smell is very calming. I hope these tips have helped anyone that suffers from anxiety. Anxiety attacks are a struggle, they make you feel like you worth nothing. All you need to remember that it is all a mind game, it is our own brain that is making us feel that way. It is on us how we let it control us. We can beat anxiety together! 

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