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Saturday, 25 July 2015

New Goodies! Mini Boots Haul ♥

New Goodies! Mini Boots Haul ♥ 

Hey guys ♥ 

I have been on a huge shopping spree for the holidays. I have been in shops to buy presents for my family and friends back home. I have been completely broke for the past couple of weeks, in order to save some money for the holidays. Saying that, I couldn't help myself and I managed to order few makeup items from Boots on their big sale. By the time this is published, the Boots huge sale might have been over but I hope if you had a chance to visit boots, around the middle of June, you also got to take an advantage of Boots make up sale. 

Collection Super Size Fat Lash Mascara ♥ 

This is probably the second or third time you have heard me talking about this mascara, but I really can't help it! This is such an amazing mascara, that I can't get enough of this. This makes my lashes look so bold, it is super volumising. It is only €3.99 in Boots! Totally recommend it!

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream ♥ 

'Bare skin beaautifier 5 in 1, Mimincs the texture and glow of perfect bare skin.' 

I have had my eye on this product for about past two months. I needed some light sweat free foundation so I can wear it on everyday basis when I was on holidays. However, I wasn't very keen on spending that much money on a BB cream and I also wasn't sure if the colour would match my skin tone. I finally bought this today because it was on '2 for €18' sale in Boots. As I write this blog, I am wearing this BB cream and oh my God! This is amazing. First of all, the colour suits me perfectly! Second, it is so light on the skin! Third, it is very good coverage, it hides my acne scars, and discoloration. I have also on a bronzer and a highlight on, and trust me, it is easy blendable with this BB cream! I am very glad I purchased this item! 

Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block ♥ 

When I saw this product in the Collection booth, I had fallen in love with how beautiful it looked. The packaging is unreal aswell and girls are very pretty. I was very disappointed with the product itself though. The colors themselves don't bring any colour on the brush, but only do when they are swirled together. When they are together, they create this orangy hue, with a little bit of glitter. Also, the product has a lot of spillage. Every time I swirl the brush in the block, half of the powder spills out of the packaging. I am actually very disappointed with this product. I prefer the Shimmer block from Seventeen, which is similar to this. This cost €5.37. I probably won't be buying this product again, but then again, I am pretty sure that this is a limited edition product.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche MATTE - 430 ♥ 

This was also the part of the sale in Boots - '2 for €18'. I hadn't really planned to buy this, I went in Boots to get the BB Cream and try and find some sort of press powder, but in failing to find a press powder, I stumbled upon the lipsticks and I just fell in love with this color. As you guys have already seen that I have a little obsession with the lipsticks and this is now just added in my lipstick collection. This is a burgundy shade with a red tone to it. Okay, it stays long, it smells amazing, and packaging is just gorgeous. At least with this lipstick, I won't have to worry about losing the cap because it lock in place! This is originally €10.49. 

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic. ♥ 

This product was free in the sale. If you buy for more then €6.50 in Collection, you get this free!
Right, I really don't like this product. I thought it would make a good bronzer but it way to shimmery and way to orange for my skin tone. Definitely will not re - purchase this!

That's all for today guys! I will see you next week!

Let me know if you like my new photo edits? or do you guys prefer only pictures? These are all taken in natural lighting, I haven't messed up the lighting, or added filters. I have just tried to make it more professional with the frames and collages! I hope you like them!

With Love,

♥ ♥ 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Lipstick Collection ♥

My Lipstick Collection ♥

Hey guys, so recently I was cleaning my make up bag, and I found tons of lipsticks at the bottom of my bag. Some of them are so old, that I forgot that I even bought them. I thought, I might as well just do a blog about the lipsticks and lip liners I own, tell you if you should buy them or not.

Disclaimer: These are all bought with my money or received as a present. All the opinions are mine, and I am not getting paid for any lipsticks mentioned here! These are not all the lipsticks either, I have few other ones but they didn't have a name or they were very old. 

So let's begin!

Maybelline Baby Lips - Electro 

I started with one, because this is the first thing I put on my lips before I put any lipstick or lip gloss on. I also usually wear this every single day, because it is so soft and creamy. It helps my lips stay moisturized. They are more like a lip tint then a chap stick. This one is 'Electro' shade, which is a light pinky purple. It tastes nice as well, it tastes like black berries! Definitely recommend this, it is worth every penny! It was only €3.50 and I got it from Pennys!

NYC City Proof Intense Lip Color - 031 - Gramercy Parker Plum 

I actually talked about this in my May Favourites blog, but just incase you missed that, I will talk a little about it here. This is also my everyday lipstick that I wear when I am going out with friends or going to shop. I love love LOVE, this colour so much. It is long wear, it doesn't bleed out. My favourite thing to do with this lip colour is to apply loose face powder over the colour which gives me a matte effect. Definitely buy this one! It was only €3.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy. 

NYC City Proof Intense Lip Color - 011 - Brooklyn Brown Stone 

I have to say, I love the name of this lip colour. I never saw the colour, up until now. Well done NYC! This is an old favourite, which recently got pushed down at the end of my make up bag, but it has been brought to the top again and once again it is my new favourite. Nude doesn't usually suit my skin tone but this one is the perfect nude, it doesn't make me look like an alien from the outer space(That is exactly how I feel when I wear nude lipsticks!) One problem with this is that, it doesn't last that long, which is wierd because the one above lasts more longer. It could be due to the fact that this is a light colour and the one above is darker. Again, it is only €3.99 - good bargain!

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil - 719 - Pecan 

This lip colour is my recent favourite. My friend gave me this as a birthday present (Thanks Ursala!) This is again a perfect kind of nude, it stays for long. I am so glad that Ursala told me that NYX is available in my local town, I had been looking their products on ebay! I will definitely be back at their store again to get more NYX products! It was €4.99 I believe, from Haven's Pharmacy.

Kleancolor Lip Liner - Red 

This one, I have already talked about in my American Haul blog. This is just a red classic lip liner. It was only $1, it does it job. I recommend it, it's great for its price. 

No 7 - Moisture Drench Lipstick - Sugar Plum 

Name describes it the best. It is full of moisture, it is also long lasting. It is pinky nude colour. It is my go to lipstick for college. It matches my skin very good. This was actually my mother's but I stole it from her. The only thing is though, it is very expensive. It was €12.95. I am not that kind of person that will invest of money in high end products but this lipstick is worth its price, plus those No7 vouchers always help!

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss 

This is actually a limited edition lip gloss. I have no idea what color it because it has faded away. I really love the color of this gloss, but I find it quite sticky. This is better when it is paired with a lipstick or lip liner because it is not opaque on its on. 

Elf Essential Lipstick - Posh 

Alright, so I heard tons about elf makeup. People were saying that it is great, moisturizing, good for its price, but I don't agree with that. I know that the price was only a dollar but it is very drying on the lips. It has a orangy tone to their lipsticks, that's one thing I really dislike. Honestly, very disappointed with this lipstick. 

Catrice Ultimate Color MATTraction - 360 

I don't know how I feel about this one to be honest. I like it sometimes and other times I am like no, I hate it. It is a classic red colour but with orange undertones but every red lipstick I wear it seems like it has orange undertones so I am guessing that it could be just my skin colour. Anyways I think it was €4.99 or €5.99 from Whelens Pharmacy! It also wears long so I recommend it!

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - Blush My Lips 

This is one of my recent purchase. I have no complains for this. It's brilliant, it stays long. It was good price of €2.89 I believe. It is a good pink lip color, looks great for everyday use and especially on dark skin. 

Barry M - Lip Paint - 160 

I bought this just few weeks ago, so I haven't really wore it outside the house, so I wouldn't be able to tell you if this is long lasting or nowt, but I will keep you guys updated! I love this colour though, it is a a burgundy color. it was €6.49 from Boots pharmacy! 

That's it for today! I have worked very hard on this post, it has taken me a good amount of hours! I would appreciate if you can leave any feedback! I am going on holidays, so I will be posting a big haul post in September or August! I have scheduled some posts until I am gone! I will see you guys in August! 


Saturday, 11 July 2015

June Favourites ♥

Hey guys ♥ ♥ 

I hope you are all doing well, here are few things that I had been loving in the month of June!

Beauty Favorites ♥ 

The Balm - Nude'tude eye shadow pallette 

This pallette had been buried in a drawer for ages. It was only when I cleaned my room that I found this pallete and thank to the lord I found this. After packing away my Naked 3 Pallete, I had this and W7 eye shadow pallete left to use. So in the month of June I have been using this pallete quite a lot every time I was in town or meeting up with someone. I have used the colour 'Sleek' which a dark brown color to color in my eyebrows, it is a perfect color for my brows now that my brow kit has been packed away in my suitcase too! I also have been using the color 'stand-offish' to highlight my brow bone. I use 'Schitzo' on my eye lid and 'Silly' on the crease of my eyelid for a bit of dimension! 

Random Favourites ♥ 

For my birthday, my parents treated me with this new camera. This camera is something that I wanted just so I could experiment with YouTube and Blogging. This camera  gives me a great quality pictures which are far more better to use on blog then my phone camera or my other camera I had. 

Music Favourites ♥ 

I actually haven't listened to that much music this month which is kind of weird because my Spotify is usually playing on my laptop almost everyday! Anyways, these are few songs that have been on replay this month!

Bright - Echosmith 

I found this song on one of the pop playlists on Spotify. I actually love the voice of the girl who sings this song. I actually did check out the band on YouTube and watched a lot of their music videos. I really like their music! If you are a person who likes a lot of guitar in the song, you will love this song!

Crossfire - Little Hours 

Little Hours is an Irish band and this was recommended to me by my friend. As soon as I heard them, I knew I was in love. They are like my typical music that I would usually hear. This song in particular is one of my favourite songs by them. This month, this song have been played a hell lot of times. I couldn't find the YouTube link to this but I do have the Spotify banner thing so you can search it up if you want. 

TV Favourites 

This month I have usually been house bound, trying to clean my room, and pack things, try and sort out my room before I go away on holidays, so I have actually been catching up to a lot of TV and finding new shows to watch as well. 

The Fosters - ABC Family 

This show is an old favourite of mine. I recently caught up to it just in the middle of May when the season 2 finale ended with a very surprising twist. I just couldn't wait to watch the season 3 episodes which only premiered on the 8th of June. This series never fails to excite me. The story is so interesting and there are so many cliffhanger, especially every season finale is some sort of huge cliffhanger. I also love the way it deals with a lot of issues which are very prominent in the society today such as types of sexualities, gay pride, foster care, abandonment issues. etc. 

The Mindy Project - The Fox/Hulu

I had been planning to watch this for ages but I either always forgot to watch it, or I was very busy. Now it's summer and I have been home for almost two months, I decided to give this a go. I absolutely love this show! It is a comedy sitcom I believe which comes for about 30 mins with ads. First season, there was no proper story line, every episode had its own story,which was okay I guess. Middle of season 2 and full of season 3 had a gripping story, when my OTP finally started to date. I was so devastated to find out that this series has been cancelled but I am so glad Hulu decided to pick it up but I really hope that I can watch it online because in Ireland we don't have Hulu. Plus if you are brown or Indian or Pakistani or anywhere from Asia, I think you will very enjoy this series because it is so relate-able!

That's it for June Favorites. I realize that I haven't been using a lot of beauty products this month (probably because I have packed away my makeup bag) I am probably in Pakistan by the time this post goes live! Please let me know if you have any TV series suggestions? I will still have a month of holidays before I go back to college! Thank you guys! I will see you all later!

with love,


♥ ♥