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Saturday, 1 August 2015

My Favourite Polishes ♥

Hey guys 

Way before makeup, I was a nail polish junkie. I used to collect a lot of nail polishes from different brands, and the obsession was so bad that at one point, all my birthday presents consisted of nail polished, which naturally led to my collection getting bigger and bigger. Just the other day I decided to clear out my polishes, throw away the ones I don't like or have dried out. I found some of the polishes which have been my absolute favorites for the past year or so

I hope you enjoy this! If you have any recommendations please let me know! 

Seventeen nail colours - Ruby Gem  -  Love - Risky Red 

I am a massive fan of Seventeen polishes. These usually appear during  Christmas time in Boots, as a gift pack of 12. I got these as a birthday present last year. The colors are very summery. The polish is the right amounts of thick. It's not too thick or too thin, it is the perfect consistency. They are quite opaque too, just two coats do the job!

Primark Nail Polishes - Baby Pink - Baby Blue (Daisy Collection) 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the name of the polish, but it is a pale pink colour. They do chip very fast but they are extremely cheap. Around 4 for €2.50. I just love this colour so much. The polishes are quite thick and very opaque.

This polish is also from Primark. This is a limited summer edition in Daisy Collection which comes with a yellow striper pen, a white polish and a baby blue polish. 

NYC Rock Muse Smoky Topcoat ♥

The name says it all. It is a smoky topcoat with big bits and small bits of glitter. I enjoy my NYC nail polishes because they only cost €1.99 and usually are a very good quality. 

Silver Steal Nail Varnish ♥

To be really honest, I don't remember buying this nail polish or how much it was. I just love the finish of this polish, it has a glass effect. It is quite opaque, a standard 2 to 3 coats usually suffice. I also can't find a brand name of this polish. I found a website that was on it which was www.badgequo.com. 

Makeup Academy - Cosmopolitan ♥ 

This is a very peachy pink color with a hit of gold glitter in it. I didn't notice until now that this is from Makeup Academy. I just thought that it was some unknown brand that I got from 'Dealz' for €1.49.

NYC Nail Art Creation - Pinkasso ♥

This last one is from NYC and it is a luminous pink striper. It is very opaque and actually has a gel like effect. It was around €2 if I remember it correctly. I love the brush of the striper too, it is very thing which is a surprise as many cheap stripers have a very thick brush.

This is it for this post now!

I will see you guys next week.



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